Garage Door opener
S66. intelligent

Safe and durable garage door opener
Super lift has 12 years experience in manufacture of the garage door opener. can.
All of the parts such as motor, control system and transformer have CE certificate,
They are durable. We supply universal connecting parts with our garage door opener.
It can be complied with the garage doors made by other manufacturers.


The new model S66 has fashionable face and be equipped with our patent technique. S66 will keep you from the rain and wind, what you need to do is just put the remote control button in your car, the garage door will be opened or closed.


The single line across the door in the middle. With this pattern longest
section (11,74m) can be made , then it can be cut to make different sizes door.

Stereoscopically embossment
The embossment brings good vision effect and the special grains
will help the door avoid the dust stockpile and keep the door as
lustrous as a new one.
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